Russians selling music for 9 cents per track. Copyright is dead.

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  1. This is for people who stomp their feet and insist on wasting money by paying for music.

    Chinese sites have music for free, per an agreement with Google - it's not pirated.

    (Hey, a 16 oz. Coke is also 30 cents in China. Get the picture? If you live in the western world, you're everybody's bitch to get more money from. Your wonderful Congressmen help write the rules for them so, for instance, you have to pay 99 cents per song - but you don't have to put up with it anymore.)
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    The whole Russian pop and rock music was stolen from the US musicians,i`m tellin ya
  3. This has got my curiosity. Back in the 20' 30's I don' t think there was any money in records. I'm probably wrong but I think the money was in sheet music. slowly the music industry monetized albums and singles, now we've come full circle, there's no money in music.

    Just saying, I think if anyone explored the history of the record, we are probably back to where we started.

    (at any rate I might check this out a little further)
  4. How could this be illegal when you're paying what they're charging?
  5. You are buying stolen property because the seller is not paying the owner. With music, it's not as bas as say, new cars. If someone was selling brand new Cadillacs for $2k, you either knew or should have known they were stolen cars. At least that's how a prosecutor would frame it.