Russians owe banks 13.5 trillion rubles

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  1. it`s basically 1/3 of what 82 millions who owe possess
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    For those playing at home, 13.5 trillion rubles = USD$216 billion. 144 million people in Russia = USD$1500 for each person.

    In comparison, US public debt is USD$15.3 trillion. 325 million people in USA = USD$47000 per person.

    So, OP appears to have posted something about nothing, with no sensible commentary and no outcome here.

    What are you actually trying to tell us, OP? Or are you just increasing your post count?
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    these numbers are worthy of thread of its own.
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  5. Comparing what people possess in Russia vs US and the income in Russia vs US is like comparing your moms butt with my finger.

    First of all there aren`t 144 millions in Russia, but that`s another story.Those who in debt approx. 82 millions.So, divide 216 billions by 82 millions and get 2600 dollars per person.Now the average income is 500 bucks.So the point is, for the most amongst those 82 millions $2600 is 1/3 of what they possess.So i just wanted to know how far can it go before entire Russia goes bankrupt.
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  6. and you worth shit, troll.
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    you obviously cannot accept a compliment.
  8. check with the numbers first before making your bullshit conclusions
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    I didn't post any conclusions.
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