Russians Debunk Peak Oil Theory - as Bogus as Greenhouse Gas Scam

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  1. "Russians prove ‘fossil’ fuel is junk science theory linked to global warming hype. Oil is shown to be mineral in origin-not from fossilized organisms. No more fears over shrinking reserves as experts say petroleum is naturally ‘renewable.’"

    "Scientists who dissented from the groupspeak were vilified or ignored. In the 1980’s distinguished British scientist, Sir Fred Hoyle FRS was one who tried and failed to expose the chicanery of proponents of the fossil fuel theory and diminishing world oil reserves. Hoyle, without the benefit of the worldwide web tried repeatedly to expose this flimflam,

    “The suggestion that petroleum might have arisen from some transformation of squashed fish or biological detritus is surely the silliest notion to have been entertained by substantial numbers of persons over an extended period of time.”

    The English professor valiantly argued that oil is abiogenic (i.e. from mineral deposition) and cannot be a biotic (from fossils). Yet despite his eminent stature Hoyle’s sage insight gained him no media platform."
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    Another moron, must be (new month) September.... :)

    Honeybun, when are you going to start to THINK for yourself??? Since you are an oldtimer here, I won't simply just dumbfuck you, so humour me please, how are the American oilfields renewing themselves??? You know, the ones that peaked in the early 70s.... :p
  3. Keep that tin foil hat on brutha.
  4. Obviously oil production will keep rising indefinitely.
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    Alright, since you are clearly a dumbfuck (so you won't really understand), just keep in mind, that the origin of oil is actually IRRELEVANT.

    The relevant thing is the SPEED of replenishment. Even if it is just a few hundred years (as some Russians might think) it still doesn't help us at all and it doesn't matter if it really is thousands or millions of years.

    Since the peaked American oilfileds from 100 years ago haven't replenished themselves yet the speed must be more than 100+ years...

    Again, I know you don't understand it, but I fell preachy tonight. :)

    P.S.: I actually live quite close to Oil City (first American industrial oilfields):

    "Oil City is a city in Venango County, Pennsylvania noted especially in the instrumental exploration and development of the petroleum industry. After the first oil wells were drilled nearby in the 1850s,"

    I haven't heard anything about the replenishing Oil City oilfields, so the rate of replenishment must be at least 150 years. I don't think we have that many years to patiently wait for more oil. :eek:
  6. hear izz wand too yer, Pekelo... Yer ubveeousley knoes wut yer's talkeen ehbout... :D
  7. if we run out of oil, we just add water to coal, heat, and voila...hydrocarbons. Oh boy...I hope the global warming people didnt hear me say that.
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    The govment has people with soap and water trying to make clean coal as we speak. :D
  9. Isn't that what the Germans did toward the end of WWII when they couldn't get a goos supply of oil?
  10. Russians want (fools) to believe they have larger reserves than they actually have.

    Their prehistoric electricity-generation infrastructure can't stand pollution standards.
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