Russians bidding on Air Force refuel tanker contract

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    Yesterday some people were having fits after learning that the Russians are going to drill in the Mexican Gulf. I have another news for you:

    Washington (CNN) -- A new twist in the Air Force's 10-year effort to build an aerial refueling tanker may bring a bid from a Russian state-owned aerospace company for the $35 billion tanker contract, according to the company's U.S. attorney.

    The company, United Aircraft Corporation will create a joint venture between a still to be announced U.S. contract company and UAC-America, according to John C. Kirkland, a Los Angeles, California-based lawyer representing UAC. Kirkland would not identify the American partner.

    "The Russians spoke with Hillary Clinton today about it," Kirkland said.

    While no mention was made of the tanker bid by either Secretary of State Clinton or Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin when they met Friday, Putin did urge greater access for Russian companies in the U.S. market."

    Since way less Russian presidents got killed by assasination than US ones, maybe they could also do the secret service's job. :)
  2. No Second Amendment in Russia. How do you think Stalin slaughtered millions?

    All the ET clowns who think Russia is harmless is the reason US is getting flushed.

    What was that guy's name from Russia, Panarin? He predicted the secession of US states and a breakup. Russia would love to see it.
  3. Have you got a reference for that. Thanks
  4. CNN Link.

    - Spydertrader
  5. thanks spytrader
  6. Yes, be very afraid....

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