Russian Warships may probe U.S./Obama response during transition of power

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  1. they are probing a weak bush.
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    Russians lost some 20 Warplanes during Georgia invasion. Georgia shot down Russian warpalnes with the help of high-tech missiles supplied by USA.
    Russia will take revenge, if not directly then indirectly.
  3. Take revenge how and to what end? If a little shithole like Georgia shot down 20 of their planes? What the fuck do you think WE would do? Shoot down a hundred!?
  4. War between the US and Soviets is not going to be one of tit for tat. Its gonna be one big...

  5. This is silly. Nobody cares. They were lucky the ships made it the whole way, and will be even luckier if they make it back.
  6. Hopefully the Soviets start with Detroit
  7. W4rl0ck


    The US could use Detroit as a weapon.

    If Russian acts up, the US could threaten to move Detroit to somewhere near Moscow.

    Talk about a weapon of mass destruction.

  8. lmao!

    You think New York is immune with all these smug references to Detroit?

    Good luck to New York over the next...oh, I don't know....forever?

    You New Yorkers will see what will happen to your overpriced shithole when financial services continues to get hollowed out and sent overseas, piece by piece, year after year.

    You'll be left with the shithole part, but the prices will at least come down.
  9. You have a really bad attitude there, pal. Martinis on me!
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