Russian Tycoon bets on Immortality

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  1. Is there a wiser investment??

    It's the next space race," Itskov said at a question and answer meeting on Friday to a handful of journalists.
    Itskov is the founder of Initiative 2045, a non-profit organization focused on creating an international research center where scientists will research and develop the technologies to make eternal life possible.
    Last year, Itskov wrote a public letter to individuals on Forbes billionaires list asking them to invest in his project. While Itskov did not receive any public responses, he did accomplish his goal of getting word out about the project and he is continually in talks with wealthy individuals about his project, he said.
    "The goal was to get the public's attention," Itskov said. "I do communicate with some of the richest people in the world, but I can't share who they are."
    This summer, Itskov will make a pitch to not only to the world's most wealthy individuals, but the entire business community, to invest in his project as well as research and development in areas that help further his cause.............
  2. I would seriously not want to live forever...

    That would suck...big-time.
  3. Sure.A human body,we all posses.No one or a few use it properly.

  4. If you are healthy, why would it suck? Anyway, even if your body isn't 100%, these guys are talking about downloading consciousness and brain into androids.

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    that is a guy who must love being rich.
  6. I read an article on "brain downloading" and it was talking about the supercomputers that would be powering everything, and I can't remember the specific numbers but they said that it would be able to compute/think 2 years worth of data in a minute or something ridiculous. With the ability to think that fast, would that slow down time drastically? Regardless I think that's all a ways out. If we don't all die from a nuclear war or something, technology is going to be insane over the next 100 years. I would love to experience space travel in my lifetime.
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    I've read enough science fiction to think living forever isn't really all that great. I'd really like to live long enough to help raise my grandchildren, and then I should move out of the way.
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    If this even becomes a reality (i strongly doubt it), but nothing is impossible, I think it will have catastrophic effect on our civilization. We will become a very static society without much change.
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    who the fuck wants to life forever, anyway? enough is enough.

    much better finding way to end suffering, including deceases, physical and cognitive decline through aging and other burdens of being human.
  10. It would likely be only the very wealthy or very lucky who get to participate-- i don't think this idea would even appeal to the masses.

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