Russian Suit-case Nuke on Times Square!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by William Rennick, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. Fox News live. If you are within 5 klicks of Time Square, GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!!

    Orson Rennick Welles out:cool:

    ps.Don't move this Ivan or you'll be a suspect.
  2. that was fast!

    Ivan has a russian nick, but claims NOT to be a russian - clearly a suspect here.

    now let's see if that nuke goes off.
  3. My Port authority source says Nasdaq being evacuated. Bogus plackard on window. Koran sitting on top of smoking box with extreme rad readings emitting from van. Mustafa liscense plate. Developing hard...

    Jack Rennick Anderson out:cool:

    ps. The bomb seeking robot took a look and quickly retreated. Whatever the hell it is scared the Be-Jesus out of the robot.
  4. :D :D :D

    was it one of those japanese human looking robots?
  5. Go ahead and crack jokes Shortie, but when the bright flash appears, followed by a huge mushroom cloud you're going to look like a real jack-ass.

    Barnie Rennnick Fife out:cool:
  6. Space-man emerges from van, gives the cops a thumbs up. Maybe this is some kind of a worm hole portal to outer Space. No bomb found. Still developing.

    Gene Rennick Roddenberry out:cool:
  7. Holi Chit!
    Congrats Bill!!!

  8. Fastest ever Pulitzer prize. No need to vote on this masterpiece, just give me the damned money.:D

    Woodward, Bernstein, & Rennick out:cool: