Russian stock market. The results of September, 10

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    MICEX Index as low as 1114,67 (-3,75%), RTS index dropped to 1334,33 (-4,36%). Again leaders of decline are securuties of financial companies. Oil and gas stocks also closed in minus.
    Strengthening dollar is an incentive of sell out of energetic securities.
    There are no evident trends towards growth, though light change is possible.
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    MICEX index dropped to 1073,02 (-3.74%), RTS index also dropped to 1298,08 (-2.72%). Stock markets opened with – 1%.
    Since oil prices approached to psychological barriers of 100 doll./barrel. For certain, this price presses Russian oil and gas sector. “Gazprom” shares declined as 4,38%, “Surgutneftegaz” – as 3,74%.
    USA finance sector keeps on “staggering” thereby impacting Russian bank securities. VTB shares are lower than 5 kopecks. This decision was not easy for investors, this fact proves that “free fall” of securities will be continued.
    Telecommunication and metallurgical shares looked better.
    Today the market will save moderately positive mood.
  3. Such percentage loss (and gains) are not uncommon in the Russian markets.