Russian senator blames failure of multiculturalism for UK riots

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  1. The death of multicultural society and the economic crisis are to blame for the riots that have convulsed London and other British cities this week, head of the Russian upper house's international affairs committee Mikhail Margelov said on Wednesday.
    "I think the events occurring in the English cities have at least two reasons. One is fundamental: it's the death of multiculturalism, a eulogy which the heads of Germany, France and Great Britain have recently delivered. The value of tolerance, or in other words the value of difference, has been accepted neither by 'indigenous' Europeans nor by immigrants," Margelov said. "The two sides merely tolerate each other. And patience is the kind of thing that runs out from time to time."
    Over 1,000 people have been arrested, and at least four killed, in the violence which began in the British capital's northern district of Tottenham on Saturday, following the fatal shooting of a young man by police. On Sunday and Monday, it spread to other areas in London and Birmingham and Bristol, and then to other cities.
    Margelov said, "the foolishness with which Europe regards its historical past has led to the filling of its cities with migrants from the former 'Third World,' many of whom do not give a damn about not only European values??, but simply about the rules of conduct on the streets of Paris, Brussels, London, and Cologne."
    The common "myth of responsibility" in Europe toward third world countries and their migrants does not promote tolerance, Margelov said, as Europeans have to work both for themselves for those from the third world, who may "not give a damn" about European values and laws.
    "The Myth of responsibility compels European governments to put migrants on social allowances, but it does not promote tolerance. The French, Belgians and English should work not only for themselves but also for a guy who came from the third world with children and household," the senator said.
    Margelov cited the economic recession as one more reason for the riots.
    "The economic crisis bedeviling the economy of the West in its fourth year, with no end in sight, is one of the causes of the events in British cities," Margelov said.
    Margelov claimed migrants will not easily give up the social benefits they have in Europe.
    "Migrants will not be easily taken away from the European social 'freebie' and sent back home," Margelov said. "Therefore, there is no escape from the riots there, even if the present British Cabinet resigns, which is problematic, by the way.
  2. those idiots were dumb enough to let them in, to breed, and to fester.

    we have also made the same mistake here.

    now you suffer.
  3. Only hard working peaceful ethnic groups such as Jews, Indians and Chinese should be allowed to stay. The rest should be deported, in particular those communities with no qualifications and a violent genetic disposition -- you can work out which communities!
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    Your trolling is weak today. I'm being generous in not taking into consideration your previous posts.

    Anyway, what about the non-violent members of the "genetically predisposed" group, can they stay? : )
  5. Yes, they can stay if they pay their taxes.