Russian scum support Syrian terrorists

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    A new cold war?

    God bless USA and Israel in the war against muzzie terror and lovers of muzzie terror.

    Syria is a terrorist nation which hates Israel and we need to bomb it NOW.

    God bless our American military.
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    War mongering, Constitution shredding neocons are much more a threat to my country than so-called "terrorists" in Syria.

    Operation Susannah
    The Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty
    The Pollard Case
    The Dancing Israelis

    With friends like Israel, who needs enemies?
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    Sounds like YOU should start taking flying lessons.
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    My definition of a pansy -- any man who advocates for a war he's not willing to fight himself.

    Jake Jones is a pansy.
  5. Your anti-Israel post has been reported, you muzzie terrorist lover.
  6. Let Israel deal with Syria if its an immediate threat to Israels national security but if Israel needs help then it just shows how weak they really are. Or maybe Israel sees the US as a dumb patsy.
  7. No, Israel sees USA as its closest ally.

    The USA generally leads the wars but Israel will support the USA and allow its airbases to be used by the USAF for wars against Syria and Iran.

    Syria needs to be got next.
  8. Changed just for sh*ts and giggles.:D
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    Another American who is afraid of the truth.

  10. You are a qualified pilot , the guy out. :( .
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