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    - Still in recession but close to 0
    - Still historically low
    -Trump and Putin best buddies
    -Pays 4% on deposits at IB.

    It's not a trade. I like to hold different currencies and this Trump victory should be bad for the dollar long term, so I am thinking about buying rubles( I already hold CHF, EUR, AUD, JPY )
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  2. Russian ruble current exch.rate is fixed by the central bank,so better sell it.
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  3. It can only go further down,not up.
  4. toolazy


    i duno, moves like oil.
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    I didn't know that, Fordewind. Thanks a lot. Why do you say it can only go further down? It has retraced a lot from the top of 85 RUR per $.

    What drives the central bank decisions? How are they influencing the forex rate?
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  7. It`s fixed - 100%.If it`s not announced officially,then manipulated by the bank.Russia is heavily dependant on the oil prices.Oilers get more in Rubles that way if Ruble keeps stayin low to dollar.That`s the main reason.Ruble will never go up until the oil prices soar.But that probably will never happen again,(imo...).

    It`s probably getting even worse.
  8. Xela


    Trading is one thing: investing is another. If you think the oil price is going to rise, why not just invest in oil instead? You surely don't imagine the Ruble can appreciate without the oil price rising?
  9. Chris Mac

    Chris Mac

    That makes sense. But I would rather buy an ETF Russian stocks (or bonds) in dollars rather than buying rubles only. ETF will manage forex for you (ruble is difficult to trade).

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    nothing is guaranteed but the US is insolvent. yet look at the yuan decline. russia has a flat tax and no underclass like in the US. the ruble will serve you well.
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