Russian president asked to investigate. Aliens may know State Secrets

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  1. Emilia


    Russian president asked to investigate alien claims

    "President Dmitry Medvedev to investigate claims by a regional president that he has met aliens on board a spaceship

    Mr Ilyumzhinov may have revealed details about his job and state secrets. "
  2. Lethn


    lol wow you'd never get that kind of response from the American government ;P
  3. Emilia


    If American people knew 1% of state secrets US government keeps.
    World would turn upside down. For example 9/11 secrets are NOTHING if people knew what's really going on.

    It certainly makes life interesting. :)
  4. Emilia


    After war on terror turns out to be 95% trumped up scapegoat.

    Government will wage war against Aliens. They are the next enemy of the people.

    You know the story of "boy who cried wolf"

    Imagine what if Aliens really are bad guys out to get us. But we don't believe our government because they lied too often.

    oops :eek:
  5. Emilia


    I realize most of you will only figure out aliens are here when CNN has no choice but announce it.

    Me ?

    I knew since 1998
  6. Emilia


    Here are kilometers high skyscrapers built by Aliens on Dark Side of the Moon

    Probably to watch us more easily
    Image leaked from NASA
  7. Emilia


    do you guys want to see more "anomalies" as NASA calls them

    I have a collection of Moon and Mars pics that show structures, I can post them.

    Needless to say the reason you don't know about any of this watch CNN and other major media.

    In other words you don't know jack :cool:
  8. Take your meds, Jasonn/c-kid. You're acting weird again.
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    information control is the name of the game

    good luck