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  1. Interesting, thanks for sharing. As the article mentioned I used Linux, for awhile, but went back to Windows with layers of security because of the apps.
  2. Agree 100%. If enough software manufacturers would make Linux ports and we could get the business world to use Linux based Office suites MS would be in serious trouble. As cloud computing becomes more and more prevalent we might still see a changing of the guard for dominant OS. For instance if we could use cloud versions of MS Office and various games on a Linux based OS then Windows could go the way of the Dodo. With the invention of the iPad, various Android based tablets and HP recently acquiring Palm OS, we could very well see a whole new ballgame in the near future.
  3. Spent in total 4.5M ?!?!

    Knowing roughly budgets for banking projects, this number is around 100++ x less than one would expect.

    Not exactly delivering value to these banking projects, i guess :D

    Outsurcing in india and saving 10% or whatever, makes no difference. Still incredible overpay and misallocation of money and resources.

    is it really that bad and hopeless, i mean west economy ?
  4. This is what I thought. I program a bit and appreciate creating a operating system is serious effort even if you use the linux kernal. There are not that many people who can do that kind of thing and the fee would be high for just one. So a team of developers to produce it then the software to use on it is demanding and would cost in my opinion at least ten times that. My opinion is that linux in particular ubuntu and java are a wonderful duo. I think this could be there future. They are both free this is the main advantage.
  5. They are not creating an operating system, they are making another Linux distribution which will contain much the same kernel and user space as all other Linux distributions. No doubt it will have some sort or modifications/additions/localization to meet whatever their requirements are.

    You don't create a modern OS for a few million bucks - probably in the hundreds of millions or billions.
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  7. in my it career i have seen same work done for sub 1m and also 100M+. Difference is in people involved.

    Example :

    a.) excellent knowledgable programers: we can modify existing software with this and that and reuse 90% (that already works) having all the benefits.

    b.) not that good programmers : we cant reuse it, cant be done, have to build from scratch.

    And you have 100 factor. Or more. Including risk of complete failure in option b.
  8. I wonder how much Apple spent on iOS, Google spent creating Android or Palm spent on Palm OS. All of which either are already or will likely soon be on Tablet style PC's (similar to the iPad) and these will probably mature into quite competitive OS's. Nothing is done overnight and version 1 of almost any software sucks. Give them all a few years and a few iterations and we could see a whole new world of OS's if not a near complete revolution of PC's.
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