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Discussion in 'ETFs' started by Here4money, Jan 28, 2017.

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    They're looking mighty juicy. Considering tomorrow's call w/Putin and eventual lifting of sanctions, anyone betting on them?
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    Yea... The ETF RSX is very liquid and has been in a powerful up trend which appears to be making big upward moves in unison with Trumps win and installation of Tillerson, the former Exxon CEO as secretary of the state and one person that has more ties to Putin than any business person in the states. No need to worry about lobbying $ to influence politicians - under Trump the multi national corporate elite - 1%er's get appointed right into his cabinet.

    In 2015 U.S. sanctions related to Russia’s support of Ukrainian rebels scuppered a potential $97 billion Exxon oil find in Siberia. It's easy to see that Trumps end game is the oil profits Exxon reaps from lifting the sanctions.Tillerson did not even have a clue what the job entailed - other than getting to his Russia oil field.

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    I know all about the politics..I lived in a country where corruption is rampant and the politicians were way better at hiding it. This is blatantly out there. Exxon deal is reportedly worth 500/mill. I guess I've started the thread on the basis of knowing which ETF's people are looking at. If trump et al is going to be selling the country, at least I want in on it and not be left behind.
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  4. I thought that the sanctions will be lifted, but I am not so sure about it know. As far as I am concerned, Congress can put also pass some kind of a law and put Russia under sanctions again.
  5. I like this!