Russian broker Alpari Ltd - has plundered me!

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by kostyaxxx, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. kostyaxxx


    Russian broker Alpari Ltd - has plundered me!

    :confused: :( :( :confused: :( :( :mad: :( :(
  2. Ninja


    Russian or not - according to the chart you should have closed the position long before (or never opened it)...
  3. kostyaxxx


    yes, its a robbery :(
  4. Plundered... robbery... what, $100? Could you be more specific about what it is that you are complaining about?
  5. I remember getting plundered once

    It was an experience I will never forget.

    Thank you Nadia.

  6. That is not plunder, that is a lesson in trading
  7. talk to 'em...if it doesnt work out then complain to sec...they cant add $1 to u order just for fun. do u mind tell us if it waz a mkt or lmt order[?]
  8. kostyaxxx


    it was sell limit!
  9. The SEC? Can't imagine the SEC being of any help to you or having any interest in this issue... given both the jurisdiction and the instrument, gold.

    An obvious question: have you already asked Alpari about this, and what did they say?
  10. Vedikhin


    The order mentioned by kostyaxxx was erroneously executed at the wrong price.

    At 18:16 London time on the April 18 Alpari Group indemnified for the loss incurred by the Customer.

    Our Terms of Business said:

    8.1. If any dispute arises the Customer has the right to lodge a complaint with the Dealer within two business days of the day a grievance complained of arises.

    8.2. A complaint shall be lodged to the Compliance Department by email at All the complaints lodges by another way (forum, by telephone etc.) are not considered.

    8.18. The Customer is entitled to appeal against Alpari’s decision on any dispute to KROUFR (Financial Regulation Agency) at

    The above mentioned complaint would be solved much faster if the Customer decided not to blackmail the Company but send the complaint directly at
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