Russian billionaire and Putin foe found dead in his bath

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  1. Putin foe, exiled Russian oligarch found dead in UK home, family says
    By Tom Watkins. Per Nyberg and Chelsea J. Carter, CNN
    updated 8:14 PM EDT, Sat March 23, 2013

    London (CNN) -- Boris Berezovsky, one of the richest and most influential of Russia's oligarchs until a bitter falling out with the Kremlin, has been found dead in his suburban London home where he was living in self-exile, his son-in-law said Saturday.

    The exiled 67-year-old tycoon, reported to be ‘found in his bath’ by his bodyguard at his estate in Ascot, Berkshire, was to be a key witness in the inquest of murdered spy Alexander Litvinenko.

    The circumstances surrounding the death of the fierce critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin were not immediately known, and authorities in the United Kingdom said it was being investigated.

    "His death is currently being treated as unexplained and a full inquiry is under way," Thames Valley Police said in a statement.
    The 67-year-old was found by his bodyguard at his home in the affluent community of Ascot, Berkshire, west of London, according an official at Bell Pottinger, a public relations firm that represented Berezovsky.

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    Probably. What was the Geiger counter reading of the body?
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    No radioactive isotope this time. I'm sure it was some spy technique like the large bubble of air in a vein or something.

    British police searched for radiation and chemicals at former Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky's home near London on Sunday but found none, and said there was no evidence anyone else was involved in his still unexplained death.