Russian Asteroid Crater contains $1 quadrillion in diamonds

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  1. I think the article miscalculated-- those are industrial diamonds--worth far less than jewelry diamonds-- very cool, none the less!
  2. Pretty cool.

    Once that supply hits the market it wouldn't be worth nearly as much but it would be nice to see diamonds go down in price for the poor saps that want to please their wife with shiny jewelry.

    The US has Quadrillions in potentially printed federal reserve notes too :)

  3. You mean the privately owned federal reserve? Because the US govt doesn't print anything. The treasury floats bonds which the reserve buys by generating more zeros on a computer. You and I then sell our most precious assets, our time and energy, to pay taxes that pay off the reserve bank interest. On money generated out of thin air. The US is done for because the banks are using this degenerate system to suck out the productivity in the economy.
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    Yea, the valuation is overblown. Industrial diamonds are not gem quality stones. On wholesale, they worth couple cents per carat.
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    You are not allowed to post such information on Elite Trader! This is harasey against the ruling banker class!

    As for diamonds, they're not even semi-precious. It's a well-established fact DeBeers - in concert with most Governments - tightly control diamond production and warehouse supply off market to inflate retail prices of gem stones. Another Government fiefdom. Oligarchies are where the real money is at. Fuck competition!
  6. Nah, our gov't would lock them up somewhere (supposedly) and design a new monetary system around them. They'd start issuing currency "backed by diamonds," but the currency outstanding would soon tally over a quadrillion, raising suspicions. Within about 40 years, we'd go completely off the "diamond standard" and resume with QE16.
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    Add diamonds to the oil and Russia will really have no chance to ever evolve beyond the 3rd world-like "Snowy Nigeria"... :mad:
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    Did you watch Ryan's Russia ? There are thousands of square miles of grassland just waiting to be used. In fact there are some US cowboys already cattle ranching there just like the ole West. If you got the energy of youth look East and leave those hamburgers behind.

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    Well, I live among those endless meadows in the Western Siberia... To the East from here endless forests start already and just bears & wolves there... along with diamonds of course. :D
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