Russian Anchorwoman Flips Obama The Bird

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rc8222, Nov 23, 2011.

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    Max E.

    That is one reporter who obviously has her finger on the pulse. :D
  3. Sources at REN TV said Ms Limanova would not be punished for her slip-up despite the embarrassment it has caused the channel.

    She "shoots" she scores...boyaah!

    In other news:

    "Russian woman has 2 more balls than our American President."
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    I flip Obama the bird EVERY time I see him on TV. I just wish he could see me.
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    Although the station is saying she was flipping off a technician who was antagonizing her it is obvious she makes the gesture right as she mentions Obama.

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    ZeroHedge called..they want their day old story back
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    I point my crimson laser grips at the screen. That's not a crime is it?

  8. relax , boys... RenTV is the channel of our 5-th column... they always talk about nemzov,khodorkovky,kasparov and other american agents. :D
    Moreover in their Running Line NHL results first, russian KHL second :D
    And as you can see they use american gesticulation...
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    Well, the Russian TV station fired this lady for flipping off Obama.

    I guess I had better not let my wife catch me giving Obama the finger when he's on TV. I might get fired, too! :D
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