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    besides YUKOY. does anyone know of any stocks/adrs that trade in the states that are russian companies?

  2. Find 'em here:
  3. great site. some of this stuff might be, shall we say, a bit "thin."
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    I think it's financial suicide to trade or invest in ADRs. Better do the leg work and invest directly in the foreign stocks.

    Whoever has watched these scumbags trade, would NEVER actually invest this way.

  6. Well, it is probably financial suicide - for you.

    Btw, a number of foreign markets restrict foreign participation - Taiwan is a great example. Thus for non-institutional traders the ADRs are a good, and only, avenue.
  7. I have been in LETRX since 1997 or so and am happy with it. Interesting ride at times. Don't know if it can be traded. Had a one year minimum visit at one time.

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    you can use yahoo for it. there is few, trade on nyse and nasdaq, here is the nice one-

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    I know about restricted foreign participation, Russia has it also. That why I mention the leg work. Never said it was easy. If you do not want to do the leg work, the ADRs are there for you. And it's costly.
  10. yeah put it together with mbt for some crazy action
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