Russia Warns of Oil Cut-Off to Europe Over Dispute With Ukraine

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  1. Dec. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Russia warned it may cut off oil supplies to Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic because of a dispute with Ukraine over transit of the commodity, the Slovak government said.

    Russian Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko notified the European Union of the possible stoppage, the Slovak government said in a statement today, citing an official letter it received from the European Commission, the EU’s executive body.

    Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico called an emergency meeting of the country’s Security Council to discuss the warning. He and Economy Minister Lubomir Jahnatek will speak in a press conference later today, the statement said.

    Same procedure as last year, mam ?
  2. It is the same as gas going up at the pumps every long week end or holiday season like Christmas.

    Such a scam. If I had been paying attention it would have been an easy trade.
  3. World War 3! :) :( :D :p :cool: :mad: :eek: :confused:
  4. no / limited media coverage. Too giddy about nothing. :)
  5. Seems like same old story, different season...
  6. Just Putin spouting after too much Vodka. Sorry his puppet Medvedev. On holiday with my wife in CZ her family is real concerned, yawn.
  7. Europeans freaks should LOVE that. Less global warming and all that, right?
  8. They may do the same thing as last year, and end up being replaced with other market competitor.

    There's an excess of energy production capacity, due to reduced demand.