Russia United States war looks imminent: Russian foreign ministry

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  1. Trash title. Yeah, Russians propaganda runs high (e.g. Lavrov and Maria Zacharova) but the fact is they're an ex-great power and the Russian military is miniscule compared to the US. The job of that propaganda is to gain advantages for Russia and works in the following way (ex Soviet countries are familiar with this):

    1) Russia makes an entirely unreasonable demand/threat there is no substance for.
    2) Agreeable westerners bent on compromises will then suggest a "solution" that meets Russia halfways.
    3) Russia then gained advantages without any rationale for it.
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    Makes me wonder how Lavrov thinks it will look like? How far will Putin go?
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  4. The German Lie-Press "Der Spiegel" brings a news article (behind a fkin' paywall) that reads translated from German:
    The Euro Currency in Freefall
    Is the Euro Putin's Next Victim?
    The Euro fell to a 20 year low, this could advance the inflation further. How can the downfall be stopped?

    Putin, yes Putin is responsible even for the weather.
    How mighty Putin is, man! :)
    Superman Putin! :)
    The Sicko German Lie Press, almost as bad as the UK Lie Press.
    They never question the wrong actions of the West itself, esp. the sanctions.
    But that's the real reason for the Euro's current demise.
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  5. After such a dangerous WW3 warning the oil and gas prices should rise again or further...
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    One thing:
    Russia is an ex-great power when it comes to conventional weapons,
    BUT not when it comes to nuclear missiles & submarines.

    A conv. war is nothing russia could win against US/Nato,
    this is why they invested so much into their nucl. forces.

    Atm, russia posses missiles that are non balistic, but 20k mach fast.

    You cannot shoot these missiles down, as well as you cannot stop submarine unmanned vehicles, which carry nucl. warheads.

    This is why america / the west cannot confront russia to the fulliest.
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  7. NATO has to write-off, ie. say good-bye to, Lithuania ("Suwalki Gap") and the 2 other Baltic states east of it (Latvia and Estonia).
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    I block these pro rus alt accs after few posts. Reading their garbage is an ultimate waste of time.
  9. The alternative is not to give Russia stuff they shouldn't lawfully have because war is feared - then Russia will exploit that. The one thing Putin and his ilk does understand is hard military power. MAD is still a thing in any elevated nuclear conflict - Putin will not (with any sliver of sanity remaining) risk that. Consequently, one should not give in an inch to the unfounded demands of Putin's version of North Korea.
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