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    Anyone arguing things would be better for Ukraine if Trump was in power has their head up their ass and have forgotten Hong Kong, the Uighurs, the Kurds, and the rise of unimpeded authoritarianism all over the world
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    Ukraine still has a lot of corruption. As I said in a previous thread, as far as Eastern Europe countries go, Ukraine is pretty good. But I wouldn’t stake a nato membership on them becoming a more lawful place. Now the question is how do we balance Ukraine with all of its faults against an imposing Russia? We arm and support them. They’re really not a threat to their neighbors and with time they may actually meet nato standards. I accept Ukraine for what it is, no more and no less.
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  3. It's a distraction that Usual Tard is using to get away from his not being able to respond to the points in the thread.

    In regard to such video's though- and I don't speak to this one and don't care to look into it- Ido not necessary start with the premise that the Russian people are our enemies as he suggests although the closer you get to the leadership the more it becomes true. Ditto for the Iranians and the Venezuelan's, the Cubans etc. I do not necessarily assume that the people are our enemies. In many instances, we are on the same side.
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    You're points are warrant less. In Russia Trump was ramping down tensions by weakening the NATO alliance and in North Korea Trump cancelled defensive exercises with South Korea. He fed the beast, same as chamberlain. He just gave them what they wanted.

    And so Biden didn’t come in as an appeaser and now the Russians are acting up. That’s sort of how it goes. The Russians are losing right now. What would you have Biden due, pull out of NATO?
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  5. Biden comes in hell-bent on cancelling Keystone.

    Also hellbent on making sure that bilateral sanctions on the Russian pipeline were not approved.

    Note further that the old pipeline went right through the middle of inland Ukraine giving the Ukraine some national security control over it and also letting them collect transfer fees. The new pipeline hower runs in the ocean right along that strip of countries, regions that the fellow in the video showed as areas that Putin may take further control. Yeh. Got his pipeline, now thinking of moving to finish his control of the land turf in the coastal areas where the pipeline runs.

    Putin played him like the keys on a piano.
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    Let’s air this out then. For the record, are talking about the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and Ted Cruz’s sanctions bill, correct?
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    Tony Stark

    They helped get him elected
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    That myth has been exposed.
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