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    Eh.. He already acquiesced to Ukraine not joining NATO for a decade and is lobbying them to let separatists do their thing in Donbas
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  2. Derogatory toward Europeans not recognizing the threats from Russia and others and expecting that the United States pay for their share of their own defense. Only a lefty would look back on restrospect now and say that those warnings and efforts to get them to pay their fair share were not well founded and highly pro-active.

    And the notion that Biden is some kind of leader or hero here is the usual lefty tripe. It as been discussed- AD NAUSEUM- that once Biden was elected, all of our enemies would try their luck, even the primitive afghans. And right on schedule they are all at it. Hamas, the Taliban, Iran, China, North Korea acting up again, and Russia.

    Your attempt is lame. All of our enemies smell weakness and blood in the water. The fact that the rest of the world might get scared and act upon it or the U.S. might act upon it does not mean that that dynamic is not at play. We should not even be having this dilemma right now. The Russians should have been squared away backchannel long ago. As Trump would have done.
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    Donbas is Ukraine’s problem. Maybe it should go, I don’t know. That’s between Ukraine and Russia. If Biden sees it the same way then that’s good.

    I will add what is important here is the Black Sea and the possibility that Russia will move to take Kyiv. Those two instances can spiral big time and create a very large conflict. Try to understand what is really on our’s and the Europeans’ minds.

    Biden is also correct on not admitting Ukraine to NATO. I never once have said Ukraine should be a NATO member, ever, because they should not as they currently stand. I don’t think there are too many level headed people that want to give Ukraine a vote in NATO. They can certainly continue to be “affiliated” or whatever we want to call it. As it stands right now is the best posture with Ukraine.
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    Yeah and Neville Chamberlain was a hero in your mind. Thanks for the insight but if I wanted to be taken for a ride I’d call a cab.
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    Ok, so north Macedonia is worthy of NATO membership but a sovereign democracy that buffers the biggest threat to Europe and has been a friendly territory to US interests isn't worthy. That's fine, Russia doesn't get to dictate nor should we give them assurances over when their membership may or may not be worthy.

    And if "Biden sees it, that's good" is what has his poll numbers in the gutter
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  6. I see. So now that Biden's weakness is bringing us into all sorts of conflict from the riff-raff of the world sensing our weakness, you pull some comment out of your arse portraying me as an appeasement guy.

    Nope. Exact opposite. Peace through strength as Reagan said.

    Biden is a classic example of how to fail at that. He will be declaring faux victories over the scumbags of the world trying to take a bite out of us throughout his administration- scumbags that should have been led to believe that it was in their interest to try their luck.

    All of our enemies danced in the streets when Biden was elected.

    You and your ilk are back to trying to portray Joe Tzu as a frigging military genius. Yeh. No.

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    What’s your beef with North Macedonia?
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    There’s literally video and audio evidence of Russians celebrating Donald Trump winning the presidency. How disconnected are you from reality?

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    It's less excusable than Ukraine as a NATO member
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    Russia has been using leftists in the West to undermine society since the Russian revolution, but all of a sudden they wanted Trump elected? Doesn't past the smell test.
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