Russia takes 5% stake in BP

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Visaria, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Visaria


  2. patbird1


    I wonder what the people of Louisiana and other states on the Golf of Mexico think about that deal...

    How come BP can make such contract before all the pollution expenses are paid?
  3. patbird1


    Have all the dammages and expenses paid?
    Did anyone asked the people of these polluted areas what they think of that deal?
  4. nLepwa


    Why would they have anything to say in that deal?

    It's good news for BP. And bad news for Obama.

  5. patbird1


    To my opinion, BP should not be allowed to make change to the company
    structures, as long as the dammages are not reimbursed.
  6. And if they don't make enough money to repay damages, what then? They are expanding.
  7. patbird1


    You have your opinion and I have mine.
    We'll see what happen next week and what reactions will come out of
    these polluted areas..
    Enjoy your week-end!
    Are you a trader? Located where?
  8. Good news.

    The USA is a complete hypocrite.

    It should pay up for the Bhopal massacre before taking a penny off BP.

    I support BP in its dealings against the USA. BP is morally superior to the USA. By dealing with BP, Russia has stuck 2 fingers up at the USA. Well done Russia, I say!!

    God bless the UK and India. Obama is out at the next election. It's time for a pro-Israel, pro-UK, pro-India President of the USA. Obama is a gift to Pakistan, the Palestinians and Iran -- I am not surprised, just look at the father of President Hussain Barack. I wonder what religion Hussain Obama really believes in?

    I have already donated $50k of my profits to the Republicans.

    God save the Queen.