Russia: Siberia "Burned" ( Friday 07/27/2012 ).

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    Hello Again to All.

    Exist the following News:


    Siberia "Burned"

    Friday 27th July 2012

    ( From Local Greek News. Translate it to English by my self. )

    Forest Fires had burn above of 14000 Hectares in West Siberia the last days,

    the time that the thermometer looks firmly,

    in - the very cold in Winters - Region 35 C ( Celsius ).

    Around the City of Tomsk had relate it 34 Fires,

    for the extinguishing of them had mobilize 1000 Firefighters.

    The function of a close in the Area Airport,

    had paralyze because of the emergency situation and the Flights accomodated it from other Airports in the District.

    The local Authority of Forest Protection refer that,

    even with the actuation of 1400 Firefighters,

    had burn more of 6000 Hectares of Forest.

    In this Region from 26th of June until and 11th of July predominated it,

    "unusual high Temperatures",

    adding the same Authority.

    For these matters concoursed in Moscow on Friday 07/27/2012,

    Goverment Meeting with Head,

    Prime Minister, Mr Dmitry Medvedev.


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    George Kanellopoulos.