Russia should conquer Georgia.

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  1. Period.

    Not that I like Russia but the west talks too much. This whole America dictating to everyone in the world how they should live their lives and what they should or should not do is getting pretty annoying. America should fuck off for once.

    quoting some comments posted on this news;

    "Invading a country 10 000 miles away is OK. But protecting a compatriots next to your border is aggression!!! good joke"

    "America went into Iraq unilateraly and without cause setting a precedent for other countries to justify their own unilateral actions. This is exactly the excuse that the Russians will use to deflect blame. The UN security council is a toothless, political joke. How can an organization that supposedly represents world interests and peace have any credilbility when the power is consolidated to a few powerful countries with self-serving interests and veto power.Unbelievable!"
  2. Russia chose the smartest option for Russia itself and for Europe's future in a seemingly impossible situation. The US is still the big winner from the destabilizing conflict - but maybe Russia can do some serious diplomatic work towards the Ukraine and Europe to contain some of the damage done in relations.

    The big losers are sadly the minority population that got slaughtered in this political powerplay and lost their property. Too bad the world is such a cynical place, but not all progress serves the purposes of the dominant wold powers.

    It will be interesting to see if the western media picks up on efforts in the near future - or if they will run more propaganda from the the plotters of this conflict.
  3. quoting another comment posted on the same page:

    "Notice: specially for English-speaking visitors - a word-for-word translation of the post previously published at

    Georgians and their US-masters would never be forgiven for recent mass slaughter in South Ossetia. Brutal massacre of S. Ossetian civilians by Georgian army during the first days of military operation was nothing but an extreme point of man-hatred. A few examples of acts of genocide are given below.

    The road from regional hub Znaur to the village of Dzhava is covered with corpses of S. Ossetian civilians - including women, elders and children. It’s still impossible to bury the dead as all moving objects in that area immediately come under fire of Georgian snipers and artillery.

    Tkhsinval, August 8, 2008. According to eyewitnesses a group of S. Ossetian children was burnt alive inside two refugee’s minibuses which headed to Vladikavkaz.

    The Khetagurovo massacre - another tragedy of Zharsk province. All young ladies of Khetagurovo village were kidnapped and driven away in unknown direction. Other villagers - men, women and elders were blocked in the building of local church and set on fire. Children were murdered separately. Georgians chopped children’s heads off in presence of their parents. Kidnapped girls have been raped and tortured, their genitals disfigured.

    We want to believe that after all Saakashvili’s junta will face adeserved trial soon"
  4. Well, I don't know how much of the Tkhsinval reporting that can be trusted. It will be interesting to see if some UN and EU investigators can get some insights into what really happened.

    Interestingly - some brought up the Israeli involvement in the attacks on South Ossetia in the other thread.
  5. Some further details ...

    Jewish Georgian Minister Temur Yakobshvili on Sunday praised the Israel Defense Forces for its role in training Georgian troops and said Israel should be proud of its military might, in an interview with Army Radio.

    "Israel should be proud of its military which trained Georgian soldiers," Yakobashvili told Army Radio in Hebrew, referring to a private Israeli group Georgia had hired.

    Yakobashvili, Georgia's minister of reintegration, added that this training provided Georgia with the know-how needed to defend itself against Russian forces in the clashes which erupted last last week in the separatist region of South Ossetia. Advertisement

    Yakobashvili said that a small group of Georgian soldiers had able to wipe out an entire Russian military division due to this training.

    "We killed 60 Russian soldiers just yesterday," said Yakobashvili. "The Russians have lost more than 50 tanks, and we have shot down 11 of their planes. They have enormous damage in terms of manpower,"

    Yakobashvili warned that the Russians would try and open another battlefront in Abkhazia and he denied reports that the Georgian army was retreating. "The Georgian forces are not retreating. We move our military according to security needs."

    "There was no attack on the airport in Tbilisi. It was a factory that produces combat airplanes," said Yakobashvili referring to the attacks in the country's capital.

    "The whole world is starting to understand that what is happening here will determine the future of this region, the future price of crude oil, the future of central Asia, and the future of NATO," the Georgian minister added.

    According to him, "every bomb that falls over our heads is an attack on democracy, on the European Union and on America."

    What tangled webs we weave ...
  6. It's been very interesting to see the world and many people's reaction to this conflict.

    Isreal attached Lebanon, which is a much larger nation and the world outcry of undue force and so on echoed from every corner of the earth.

    Now Russia a giant nation with a giant army goes to Georgia and pretty much does the same thing as Isreal and you don't hear a peep from the world community. Nothing just crickets chirping. The same can be said about Palestinian rockets being launched into Isreal and Isreal's response.

    Now, I am not an isreali, nor do I care very much what happens to Isreal but this is proof that there are different standards for different countries.

    The world as a whole has zero credibility and the UN is an absolute joke.

    Looks to me like it's becoming similiar to the world at WW1. A world of alliances and then war and everyone is going to get dragged into it.

  7. Those Russkies might want to be careful.

    There's some pretty tough blacks around Atlanta. They all got guns and they are kinda mean...
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  9. Debka files, a leading Israeli mouthpiece for the Mossad, has already reported the biggest news that was later hushed up by the western zionist media. You won't hear Human rights watch or Amnesty international reporting any of this, part of the zionist media.

    The war crimes committed by Georgia were masterminded by the Israelis.
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