Russia sells out Iran!

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  2. Obama has done better on the Iran problem in 1 1/2 years then Bush did in 8
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    I'm not sure that letting Iran acquire nuclear weapons and intermediate-range missile technology represents "done better on the Iran problem".
  4. So now Bush is the standard to measure Obama by.
    I thought you Liberals feel Bush is the worst President ever.

    It's sad that your Dear Leader is only good enough to top Bush. By your logic this makes Obama the second worst president ever.
  5. Iran didn't get this far in 1 1/2 years,they got this far in the past 8 years

    Obama is doing the best thing possible with Iran and N Korea,isolating them from their protectors Russia and China.Under Bush China and Russia never would have approved the tough sanctions that have been passed against Korea and Iran.

    Korea has nuclear bombs and Iran can have them in less then a year,that was the case when Obama stepped into office.Obama doesn't have many choices,war,let them continue their nuclear programs or isolate them from their protectors and the rest of the world so that if war is needed we wont have to go in alone like Bush did in Iraq and Russia and China wont support them militarily
  6. Obama is far from being measured against Bush.An attack bigger then 9-11,a mistake bigger then Iraq,an economy far worse then the one Obama inherited and 2 more rouge nations building nukes would be needed to start those comparisons
  7. Except that’s exactly what you did. You always do that. Its always about comparing to Bush.
  8. Its about the hypocrisy of the Republicans .You don't hear them complaining about Bush letting Iran and Korea build nukes,but they lie about Obama being weak when it comes to Korea and Iran and that's not true

    If Bush had isolated Korea and Iran from China and Russia things might not have gone this far.

    Under Obama Russia and China are turning their backs on Iran and Korea while under Bush they threatened veto's on any tough sanctions or actions against them
  9. What would you have had Bush do? Start a war with Iran and N. Korea? Because that was the only thing he didn't try. You seem to have conveniently forgotten that N. Korea was let out of the diplomatic box by Clinton via an idiotic agreement negotiated for us by Jimmy Carter, under which they supposedly gave up their nuclear program in exchange for a ton of money, but of course they kept it going.

    In fairness, the S. Koreans were the biggest supporters of not coming down hard on the north. Still are, in fact. As for Iran, the entire "world community" insisted on negotiations with Iran and Bush dutifully went along. The negotiations, run by the europeans, dragged on for years, during which time the Iranians continued their nuclear program.

    Obama has accomplished nothing. The Russians think he is a joke. Whatever they did, they did for their own reasons. As for N. Korea, they sank a S. Korean warship under obama. Under Bush, they did nothing remotely as provocative. Clearly they have contempt for Obama, and the Chinese probably are not at all adverse to their little goons showing Obama just how beholden he is to China.
  10. You're exactly right. To bad your insights are wasted on an intellectual vacant “........…”
    Just expect some simple skewed response.
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