Russia refuses to turn over NSA leaker

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    Even though I'm torn over the NSA leaker, this isn't a good thing for America when Russia refuses to hand the guy over. And why wouldn't Russia do what they're doing. They KNOW this administration is the weakest and worst in American history. They also know they can get information from the guy. It's a win (sadly), for Russia, and yet another loss for America at the hands of this weak, but very corrupt administration.
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    They neither respect him nor fear him. Why should they?

    This is what you get when you try to be "liked" by the world.
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    But Joe Biden assured us in a speech that Obama has a "big stick." :D

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    That was a gaff..

    What he meant to say is that when it comes to foreign policy, the Obama speaks softly because he is a bit thick.

  5. Snowden, is 'free man,' Russian president says

    By Jethro Mullen and Michael Pearson, CNN
    updated 2:27 PM EDT, Tue June 25, 2013

  6. I was of two minds when I first heard of this as well. It was part of his job description to keep classified information, classified, so he is technically a traitor. However, what he exposed is in fact a violation of our 4th Amendment Rights, the program he exposed is illegal and just plain wrong on every level. So he betrayed a govt that has betrayed it's citizens.. his is a worthy and necessary betrayal in my mind. I'm not totally convinced he isn't somewhat full of shit but there is obviously some truth to it or they wouldn't be pursuing him.. and they wouldn't have admitted to that program. That is a real act of Patriotism, and i believe he is a lib. I am hugely disappointed in Dick Cheney and others who can't see or don't care just how far off the rails they have gone with this stuff.
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    You nailed it! I love what he's pointed out about OUR 4th Amendment rights being decimated. I support him in that. If, however, he gave up DEFENSIVE secrets along the way to Hong Kong, and/or Russia, for temporary freedom, I'll call him a traitor.

    Gotta love mr change's administration.:(
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    If he had 4 computer hard drives full of data with him, he may not have had a choice whether to turn them over to China or Russia. I'm sure they at least made copies of the drives whether he wanted them to or not.

    I've also read that he sent encrypted files to several people. Probably with the intent of a password being released from somewhere if he turns up dead. I've no doubt the CIA is trying to plug this leaker one way or another.
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    Russia is doing the right thing.
    After all, why would Russia hand over a patriotic person to a communist dictator for revealing government corruption?
  10. 1) I agree, if he gives up info that gets any of our servicemen killed then he deserves to die a traitors death. I still would highly respect him blowing the lid off this domestic spying, big brother type insanity, however.

    I guess he must be giving up some info as i doubt they are protecting this guy out of kindness. On the other hand, he only worked at the NSA for like 4 years, how much classified info could he have possibly been entrusted with?

    2) yea buddy, 'change' by extending and expanding the worst of the Bush admins policies while also pushing a far left, wildly anti-American agenda of his own. That's change I couldn't believe in after downing a bottle of jim beam and an eighth of shrooms. :D
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