Russia more pro-market than USA, EU?

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    "Russia will use tax incentives and other free-market economic policies to turn the country into a destination for innovators from around the world, Medvedev told an audience"

    "The government will abolish taxes on capital gains from long-term direct investments starting next year"

    Income tax top rate of 13%. Sovereign debt of 10% of GDP. Isn't Russia a more free market jurisdiction than the west now, with more capitalist-friendly leadership?
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  3. Medvedev also recently said Russia is not interested in investment in stocks and the capital markets. Only infrastructure investments...
  4. Its a wee bit better than a decade ago more of a choice of what gang to pay off rather than join. Trying to work on the fundamentals of Russian companies on RTS is beyond funny in fact I suspect like China fundamentals are just poop. I have two friends that do a lot of business in Russia and fat brown envelopes are the norm rather than the exception.