Russia knows U.S. going bankrupt partially through military spending, has trump card.

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  1. Of course he's going to say its better, who knows. He's KGB for gawd's sake should we trust him on anything. You what I do know for sure. We already have enough planes, nukes, and bombs to defend ourselves quite well. Maybe he owns part of Carlyle Group along with Bush and the House of Saud. There always has to be a boogie man to keep the war machine going.
  2. clacy


    No worries.... the F-35 will be out soon and is ahead of their T-50. So we will be ahead of them, by the time they are able to sell them to N. Korea, Iran, etc.

    That is unless Jimmy Carter errrrr, Barack Islama decides to kill the F-35.
  3. Mr Pain

    Mr Pain

    Yes killing the B1 was a huge mistake. Good thing Reagan brought it back so we didn’t have to use cruise missiles and B52s for the last few decades. I think the B1 did actually have 1 conventional bombing raid in the last 3 wars.

    The USAF knows the future is in pilotless vehicles.
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    I am more of a fan of the su47
  5. They are copying an obsolete design for a plane without a mission. Kind of reminds you of their copy of the space shuttle.
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    F-35 is actually not as effective of an air-superiority fighter as the F-22. The main advantage of the F-35 is its versatility. In straight up dog-fighting the F-22 smokes it. If the T-50 is indeed comparable (which I doubt) to the F-22 it will too.