Russia Is Only Down 75 Percent YTD

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by libertad, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. Let Russia die.
  2. axehawk


    Tim Seymour has been touting Russian stocks for over a year.

    What a douche.
  3. it is russian winter, remember?
  4. I have met hundred of Russians, and I have yet to meet one worthy of friendship and trust. Maybe it's just cultural, and maybe they feel the same way about westerners, but that is my experience.

    Repeat, let Russia die.
  5. Yeah and the resulting vacuum would be filled by china. Not a good proposition. Russia anchors a good chunk of (worthless) parts of the world. I would rather have China significantly weakened.
  6. In Russia, you don't play the market, the market plays you.
  7. tu160


    have you managed to survive Stalingrad? amazing )))

    verpissen dich
  8. HLB


    I'll be going long RSX calls when it will reach Sep 1998 levels (Russia's default).
    What I don't get is: till recently Russia wasn't correlated with the oil or US equities and now it's correlated.
    Damn Putin started war in Georgia to spike oil prices, but it didn't help.

  9. zdreg


    have you invested directly in the russian market?
    if yes answer please explain how.
    #10     Nov 21, 2008