Russia, China, Iran redraw energy map

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    "The event sends strong messages for regional security. Within the space of three weeks, Turkmenistan has committed its entire gas exports to China, Russia and Iran. It has no urgent need of the pipelines that the United States and the European Union have been advancing. "

  2. Turkmenistan - world power...

    And the way the US has been uncovering gas reserves - 90 years supply potential and growing?, this is going to wind up being of little importance.
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    if you look beyond market conditions it could be of major importance.,7340,L-3831437,00.html

    " The United States and its allies have said it is time for a fourth round of sanctions, but diplomats say Russia and China are resisting. "

    "unintended consequences" of either scenario, adding "that part of the world could become much more unstable, which is a dangerous global outcome."

    Could this be a factor in the rise of CL?