Russia, China Blame Woes on Capitalism, USA

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  1. They have GOT to be kidding. How does China think they were able to support so much exports, to totalitarian states or to capitalist countries???

    Russia, China Blame Woes on Capitalism, USA

    The premiers of Russia and China slammed the U.S. economic system in speeches Wednesday, holding it responsible for the global economic crisis.
  2. They're right....who else is to blame?!
  3. Communism will be given the credit for the next wave of prosperity, it such a thing ever happens again in our lifetimes. :cool:
  4. I had cnbc on and they were commenting on Putin taking jabs at the U.S. I really wasn't paying good attention to cnbc (rarely do) if anyone saw the segment I am talking about please fill in the details regarding what that shit stain said.

    Also I think that scumbag KGB Putin is going to be trouble for the U.S. in some way in the near future. I don't trust that scum.....I hope Obama isn't too stupid and gets played by the he's gonna get played by Iran, Hamas, Al Qaeda
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    hahaha... but there is a point there.
  6. It's fair to blame the USA for the current economic problems, but don't blame capatalism in general. There are plenty of capitalist countries out there who had nothing to do with this crisis so don't blame the system as a whole. The communist economic system has already been proven to be a failure in the past.
  7. China is pissed we called them a currency manipulator (which they are) and they can't sell half the crap they used to (we stopped buying as much). Russia is pissed because they thought oil would go up forever.
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    Stock_trader who think that stocks always go up, sounding like we magically find the formula that can make everybody wealthy.

    Every system has a faulty that occur from time to time. Impossible to find a system that have no flaw. Karl Marx pretended to find an ideal system (The Communist) and you know the rest...

  9. First off, CNBC belittled Putin and was wondering what "drugs" he was on.

    Secondly, I was wondering who you thought that "Dumbya" got played by given that he REJECTED Israel's plea last year for some U.S. bunker-buster bombs and permission to fly through Iraqi airspace on the way to taking out Iran's main nuclear reactor at Natanz . . .

    Please tell me why "Dumbya" refused to allow for this. Not only did he "whiff" at the ball on this, but he never even got the bat off of his shoulders.

    I look forward to your reply.
    Thanks ahead of time.
  10. You're probably not far off - look how the voters are asking the mother gov't (and their savior Obama) to take care of them. :mad:
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