Russia calls for entire Japanese nation to move to Russia

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    Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the colorful and flamboyant leader of Russia's LDPR party, has called on Japanese to leave "the dangerous islands" and move to the unpopulated Russian territories, the website reported on Sunday.

    Zhirinovsky, 64, also deputy speaker of the lower house, offered Russian government to start talks with Japan over Japanese nationals' migration to Russia.

    "In this case we do not share any islands, we offer the way to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe," quoted Zhirinovsky as saying. "Russia will even benefit if such hardworking people join us," he added.

    The politician said he was serious since "the Japanese nation is under the threat of extinction in the near future."

    Zhirinovsky's statement came in the wake of a 9.0 - magnitude tremor, which struck the Japan's northeast on Friday. The quake triggered a 10-meter tsunami wave that swept away people, houses and cars.

    In late February Zhirinovsky invited Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to move to Moscow.

    In his address to Gaddafi, he said: "I invite you to make Moscow your place of permanent residence."
  2. Give me your tired, your poor,. Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,. :cool:
  3. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    oh yeah, and with the xenophobic russian culture, the japanese will do just fine.

    "Documenti, pajalusta!"
  4. If he is talking about Siberia then nobody will survive Siberia's -40 C temperature. Siberia is more dangerous than Japan.
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    Zhirinovsky is not talking for Russia. I don't think he holds any official office or speaks on behalf of the Russian government.

    He's been on record with the most ridiculous suggestions over the years, such as detonating hydrogen bombs in the Atlantic in order to flood Great Britain.
  6. Hahahaha, you're a funny guy...

    Anyways, Zhirinovsky is a clown. He says outrageous, silly things. That's just what he does.
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    We have those here in America too.
  8. Some GOOF in Russia says something and it's reported that RUSSIA is saying it. Typical journalistic manipulation.
  9. German battle tanks were frozen in Russia during World War 2 that is the reason Hitler was killed.
  10. I think Vladimir Zhirinovsky occupies important position in Russia and is high profile. So people will think he is speaking on behalf of Russia.
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