Russia blames US for current world crisis

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    Well, yes. But Russia never blamed (thanked) the USA for Russia's meteoric energy driven economic success. AT the end of the day its all a relative game. If energy prices get crunched further you might find Russia commiting some other sort of Georgia type action to keep tension up and stall the energy price falls. I stay in Eastern Europe and the Russians, on average, are nobodies favourites over here.
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    Of course it's our fault.
    Haven't you heard?
    EVERYTHING is our fault.
  3. Nobody could have anticipated that invading an major oil producing country would drive up oil prices.
  4. I don't see what is so controversial here. Subprime mortgage is an american invention so is packaging it and securitizing it. And btw, other countries blame US so it is not just Russia.
  5. So why did oil not go to $100 then in March of 2003???

    Does anybody think for themselves anymore......stop reading those canned democrap scripts???

    BTW, as late as February 2007 I went LONG the QM in the $47's! :)
  6. Lehman is probably blaming Goldman too... I think the weakest links in the chain were ubiquitous, the people that BOUGHT the credit swaps and CDO's........ Goldman stopped buying them fairly early on but continued selling them of course...
  7. These guys are so friggin clueless it's incredible bro. Oil traded under its 2003 invasion high for a year. In fact oil didn't start to pump higher-pun intended-until Iraq was back to pre-invasion production levels!

    Keep in mind that you and me are part of the only 5% or so of this board who trade with any professionalism at all.
  8. lol. Maybe so. Just give me some time. If I can refine and continue me performance from last week I will be in your 5% as well. won't be long.
  9. This break hasn't been about "sub-prime" since the Jul/Aug 07 segment. Those securities were the first to go sellers but there's a million things since.


    If the economy hadn't already turned then those sub-prime foreclosures would've found buyers-as they always did prior-and the at risk securities would've survived without a hitch. Weakness in housing itself long pre-dated the crash in asset backed paper. In fact I remember getting my ass kicked shorting REITS in the summer of 2005 after it was apparent that Florida housing was coming off its spike high. Bidders in the market just didn't care about listening.

    A relatively small fraction of market losses at this point are directly "sub-prime" related.

    I can't wait until Treasury Bonds meltdown 50% and hear the libs blame the malfeasance of the next Treasury Secretary.

  10. I don't want to hear that phrase from a McCain supporter.
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