Russells BIG Sister

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by FredBloggs, Nov 10, 2005.

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    ive been brassed off with trading the er (mini russell 2000) recently. used to be great - but recently its turned in to a nit pickin' bird house and difficult to make an honest buck with the way i like to trade.

    ive looked at other ways, but am coming to the conclusion that im better off taking my business elsewhere. every man jack sob seems to be trading it these days

    anyway, i think ive found a replacement -

    THE E-MINI S&P MIDCAP 400!!!


    same tick size as the russell, and similar daily point range - but less of the bs that goes on. volume is a little anemic at the mo, but the size is there to hit if you get it before it evaporates

    good bye russell - im gunna take your sister out for a GOOOD TIME, YES SIR!!!

    anyone else danced with this one? is she a go-er and does she put out - or do you have to get to know her first if you know what i mean? :D

    she looks like the russell used to look like before everyone started to jump her bones. that prom queen has turned into a 2 dime WHORE ON SMACK!

    all experiences of this welcome.
  2. What is the ticker for this chick?
  3. Just found it on I.B.

    - EMD.
  4. tomcole


    er tends to lead emd, see ya on the screen!
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    i guess it would - small cap vs mid cap has more meaning than small cap v large cap

    i dont tend to do the correlation gig though...
  6. So,

    You don't like ER2 because it is too crowded, you find a new vehicle to trade that you like that is less crowded, and then you go and advertise? :p
  7. LOL!


    You're supposed to keep it quiet, Fred!
    You start advertising your new girl and pretty soon, everybody's gonna take her out, too.
    Nowadays, its what you trade that matters, not the crap system.

  8. my thoughts exactly. explore your motives
  9. tomcole


    Advertise? Theres probably a thousand PhDs, with unlimited computing power looking at every combination around. I dont think its a big secret or less crowded, just not as well-known here. Plus, the more liquidity, the more size that can float around, so I hope everyone reading this starts trading it!
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    kind of....

    the volume still isnt quite big enough for my liking yet, although her spread is quite tight.

    i was hoping by advertising this virgins availability, some of you guys may break her in a little so i can play with her when shes mature enough.....if you get my drift :D
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