Russell Rebalance

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  1. i understand there is unusual trading activity in the stocks being rebalanced. is it limited to the price action around the close? or are they jumpy the whole day?
  2. there hasn't been any free money lately. I'm not expecting much this time around.
  3. Try to identify the stocks being included and excluded and trade accordingly. :eek:
  4. "The reconstitution is usually one of the most highly-anticipated and heaviest trading days in the US equity markets, as index and other asset managers seek to reconfigure their portfolios to reflect the composition of Russell's indexes"

    i am calling BS since i don't see any heavy trading activity. is anybody making any money today?

    i see that if i bought ACN in the morning i would be making some money since it is up +3% but how many stocks are actually moving like crazy?
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    Does this market find a direction by 2 or 3pm because I am feeling a 1% move in either direction by the close today.
  6. Short BRK/B at 80.30.
  7. crazy action as usual, but was very mixed, you needed a crystal ball.

    of course, someone is guaranteed to post they had their best day in 32 years playing re balance stocks.
  8. BRK-B was pretty good...if you got the closing .90s print.... anything .50 below that is probably still good if you're willing to hold it a few days
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