russell rebalance this week

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  1. And you know, for YEARS those imbeciles at the index do not provide a CSV file of the adds/deletes only pdf , which is a pain in the ass to extract from cleanly .

    Morons . If I'm wrong correct me, else f u russell.
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  2. just sort the CSV file and then run diff!
  3. maxinger


    the angrier & furious you are,
    the more $$$$ you will lose from trading

    Go calm yourself down.

    Then you can make wiser decisions.

    Russell 2000 is totally innocent.

    You can view Russell 2000 as a
    - money-making machine or
    - pain in the ass

    The choice is yours.
  4. both replies prove why et is dead.

  5. maxinger


    Time for you to quit ET.
    And go to another forum.

    All the best Mister JackMorgan !!!

    hahahahahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. ruff weekend ?
  7. boring day as suckers pay up for junk , but the REV options longs are paying the rent for the next 16 months

    congrats to all