Russell rebalance / MOC's

Discussion in 'Trading' started by nxsux, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. nxsux


    Anyone have any success stories from the MOC trades yesterday? I didn't see too many pops.. I sure miss the old days
  2. it sucked balls. there were some trades that i thought were going to be great (ex. a buy imbal with few/no shares shortable) but they just did nothing. i forgot which stock it was but it had a sell imbal and printed up like 6 points lol.

    who knows what the final verdict will be for the p/l on monday since i got stuck in some amex imbals. hopefully, it will be somewhere around the flat range but man this was really disappointing. i really thought i was gonna kill it with the trades i had but it was just blah.
  3. wake37


    Hogs seem to jump at the end of the day with 2 million shares traded in the last half hour. I guess it was due to the rebalancing.

  4. Casey30


    It was the worst since I started trading 8 years ago. The closing gaps seemed to be primarily in the opposite direction of the expectation.
  5. nxsux


    Wow. I glad i missed that one. Anyone know what stock it was... so i can short it on Monday off the open? :D
  6. It was a disaster. I was in the money in one for about 2 pts and in printed .5 pt against me. So the final print was 2.5 pts from the close. Most of them didn't even work.
  7. agree..worst russell rebal ever
  8. it was pretty bad...we had a lot of guys up big and the final prints took away most of the profits..

    if u did the big volume MOCs at 3.59....u got smoked
    even the big %age MOC's ..a lot of them reversed

    too many people doing them with size reversed em on the close...another gimmick that once exposed maybe lost forever

  9. gtgtgt3


    This strategy has been getting worse and worse every year. Way to crowded now.
  10. LOL! It was the worst rebalancing because every last Mook in the world has discovered it and is running a box throwing money at it after they missed the party two years ago. I suspected it wouldnt work this year after reading an article about it by Don Bright basically advertising the strategy in stock and commodities magazine a few months back. Nice job showing a little discretion Don. Once I saw that, I shook my head and pretty much knew that game was over. And so it is.
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