Russell Rebalance Gaps

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bestfriend, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. I see MWA gapped from 16.85 to 19.35 on the closing print---and IB is marking my short $17.50 calls at $2.25. Yet the stock print was well after 4:00. More like 4:10.

    Do options trade anywhere after 4:00?
  2. Options do trade until 4:15pm est. time however, only limited products trade beyond 4pm.
  3. What market trades equity options past 4:00pm ET?
  4. SLB gapped about $2 on the final print, from $87.20 to 89.20.
  5. jumper


    the 19.35 was the closing print. not an afterhours print. on the rebalance days, they take a little longer (or a lot).