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Discussion in 'Trading' started by bears21, Jun 21, 2010.

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    last year things went according to plan as far as price action goes. make the additions look a little weak a few days before friday then bam. wonder how you guys play the imbalance. is it just a intraday trade or do you start to accumualte a position a few days prior.
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    The Russell has torn me to shreds the past couple days.
  3. me, +6.2 TF yesterday and -1.6 TF today...tomorrow...might buy or sell exactly at 2:15pm EST at FOMC is that for HFT! :D
  4. just made +1.9 TF in :42 seconds...may be done for the day or trade at FOMC announcement?
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    checked my spreadsheet from last year all you had to do was buy the additions moc on thursday and sell em moc on friday same with the deletions and you made money in most of the plays
  6. but do you trade the TF future or just the stocks within the Russell 2000?
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    just stocks going into russell 1000 2000 3000 and microcaps, from what i learned i like to trade stocks that are going to be added only if they have been trending down and vice versa for the shorts because it seems they like to bring em down before they rip em. if a stock has been ripping for days into the russell chances are they will squeeze you down and print lower on the close. price action has been scrwey last few years so if you take this approach the risk reward is better.