russell mini tonight?

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  1. is it just me or does the russell on a daily chart look like it has not yet reacted to the news with a gap down tonight like the es has? yes the er2 has moved down, but it seems to be holding up much better then the es?
  2. Russell is not as volitale. Having said that you might be right.
  3. If you remember, the Russell was relatively stronger than the other indicies for the better part of last week until the Friday collapse.
  4. first hour ER2 vs ES -500 usd each. I was tempted to spread them, but my position is already highly levered. but ER2 should've been lower assuming if we see -1% in ES tomorrow.
  5. now its -450 vs -550
    another note. how about yield curve. is it gonna be flatter than it is now ?
  6. yes i agree there may be some price tension in the russell that has not yet relieved itself --- was worth a side trade in my opinion.
  7. yes there will be moves tomorrow that may surprise some.
  8. that is maybe why some dude botx20@648.4. while ES was already down 2pts at the open. I was 1 of the 20 on the other side of the trade
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    i hope you send him a thank you note :)
  10. should have been 20 on the other side of that --- early xmas present ---- HAHAHAHAHA! well one is still good! :)
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