Russell Imbalance on June 30th

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    I wanted to know if anyone knows why the MOC's on June 30th worked so well?? Hundreds of traders made over six figures with under 10 million in Buying Power! I have been watchin them for a few yaears now but have never seen anything like this!! I would appreciate any insight ......
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    any one has any idea??
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    thanks, but the thread didnt say that why this year the imbalances worked much better than ever before????
  5. my two cents...just lucky that the 30th was the last full trading day before July 4th holiday. Lots of the big boys were probably headed for the Hamptons by luchtime. I just wish I had that one to play over again.

    The above is purely "speculative" of course.

  7. You want to explain that? MOC what? The adds, the deletes, what?

    And what are these hundreds gonna do with the 20-30 million they made on this easy play?
  8. THanks for the update.
  9. Russell balancing at end of day using Market on Close orders. Traders look for the imbalances at 3:40, send in MOC orders, then short the stock (or short then send MOC) after 4PM, major profits.

    The better traders not only shorted, bought on MOC, the went long overnight on the MOC, and nearly doubled their profits. Too bad it doesn't happen more often.

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    hey don:

    how does one get to see the MOC imbalances for nyse stocks?

    nasdaq is available over the web from their website does nyse have something similar?

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