Russell 2000 December Rollover - When?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dberliner, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. When is it, please?

    Today the S&P December futures become top stair, but the Russell Decembers appear to not be of existence yet. I was under the impression that on the Equity products it pretty much happens the same time (i.e. Thursday a week before expiry). Can anyone let me know when that happens on the Russell exactly? I can't find that info on the CME's website.


    Dana Berliner
  2. Hi Dana

    With all the talk here at, other forums and TV networks about the Russell moving from the CME to the ICE exchange...

    I'll be surprise to see traders ask what happen to the CME Russell Z contract.

    Dana, check out ICE and expect today to be a confusing day for many with brokers and data vendor providers about the Z contract and new symbol (TF).

  3. Volume will switch today to ICE, I'm sure.
    Wait for RTH session to begin.

    -> TF Z 08 !
  4. The ER2 September contract continues to trade on CME until it officially expires next week. That is the final day for ER2 to be cross-listed.

    There is no new front-month Dec contract (Z) trading on CME. That would be on ICE alone right now.

    Welcome to the period of flux for ER2. From last week thru September 22nd, the migration effects are very visible and will only get worse until CME is completely out of the picture. Then see what happens to ER2 past there.

    Tuesday the ER2 traded most of that session with bid/ask spread two and sometimes three ticks' wide. The sideways gyrations are violent between directional spurts. I consider the ER2 untradable right now for all practical purposes if talking real money executions, not simply how price moved on a chart hypothetically. You might expect things to get much bumpier thru all of next week and into the following until the migration is resolved.
  5. Thank you, guys. I wasn't following the forums lately and completely forgot about the exchange replacement.