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  1. Anyone know what symbol QCharts uses for the emini russell? Is it RL? What about IB? RUT? I thought this index had taken all the volume from the NDX but looking at the chart, it doesn't seem to trade much, so I'm wondering if I'm looking at the right symbol.
  2. Most data providers use ER2.
  3. Symbol is either ER2 or MR depending upon the server your on for the futures.

    (a.k.a. NihabaAshi) Japanese Candlestick term
  4. some platforms use AB Z5, ABH06 etc.. etc..

    I still haven't figured out whats the connection between using AB & ER2.
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    Mark is correct. I have to have BOTH ER2 and MR at the same time. One will read "not found" and the other will give the quote. If the server pitches you to another server, the symbols may switch - welcome to the joys of QCharts. Some days are real adventures. By the way, add "06H" to the end of those base symbols for the March 2006 contract.

    The RUT itself is RUT.X on QCharts. The IB symbol is RUT on the CBOE.

    The front month Russell futures contract averages about 125K to 150K per day.
  6. Thanks guys. I must have been getting the pit traded data on QCharts. The symbol MR worked and I see it is pretty liquid. ER2 seems to work on IB.

    I spent 30 minutes on the QCharts site trying to find this. They really just do not have a clue. Why can't IB buy them and use their data feed with the QCharts charting? Wouldn't that be awesome?
  7. It gets better -- when I was using QCharts it also took me forever to figure out MR was the e-mini russell symbol. I emailed their tech support and they wrote back telling me they didn't carry the symbol (yet I could use it!). the symbol is ME for the e-mini S&P 400 midcap futures if you're interested.

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