Russel Sands Begging for 6k on internet

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    this is unreal! famous turtle begging for 6k investments into his fund? is this legal? seems really really fishy.

    did he blow up? what's happening here?

  2. He has always been hawking some form of the turtle system for years. Blow up? I don't think that applies to system vendors, unless they run out of suckers to sell to (though there always seem to be an endless supply). If he is really trading client accounts with real money I would be real surprised... no take that back, I'm sure there are those people dumb enough out there to send him real money.

  3. Ok, thank you. It's a strange offer, looks like he guarantees your investment too. very convoluted looking not sure what to make of it. I found the ad on google ads, very odd.

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    Ask him about his bankruptcy in the early 2000's.

  5. I also found this through Adwords, I have a hard time believing this is the REAL R.S.
  6. Why? His main website has pretty much the same pitch as this. I'm guessing that he has partnered with someone else or is in some kind of licensing deal and setup a business entity separately for this.
  7. A quick google search on the phone number also turns up another forex website run by a guy named "The Shark", who says he is the "#1 Forex Money Manager". They are also looking for "serious investors only with a minimum of $6,000". LOL. Yeah, I'm bored today...

    edit: here are some reviews of the trader behind this website. This really looks like a scam. Also, I could not find a registration from NFA either. Beware obv.

    "This guy lost 75% of my account in about 2 weeks and they claimed the new system would win it all back in a private email to me. ..."

  8. Big deal, lots of people have gone bankrupt only to come back bigger and better then before.
  9. Mr Sands used turtle system trading. Dunno, but personally I don't have a good time using Donchian Trading rules in forex market:confused:
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    for all you people that think sands is a joke- the joke is on you- i have two acounts with him i have made about 44,000 in 6 months that does not include my original 20,000 that I invested- if one of you monkeys that talk about something that you have no idea about can make more money then sands i would be willing to bet any one of you any wager you would like!!

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