Russ Whitney's Teach Me To Trade??

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    Any experiences with them? Any opinions?

    I am new to trading and want to learn so as to supplement my income. I have no interest in trading for a living or quiting my day job.

    Now, without everybody laughing:

    I attended their 3 day basic workshop which was decent and had good basics on stock TA, not so much on fundamentals.

    Of course, once there I found out I was only in the basic course. To move to the next level they offer 6-8 more advanced 3 day trainings on different topics such as charting, options, asset protection, etc.

    By my pocketbook, the training is not cheap. Each of these (depending if you bought during workshop or not) was priced individually at $3500-$4500.

    Their is also an "elite investor group" where you are mentored by a master trader for 12 months. Initial estimated outlay is anywhere between $5,000-$15,000.

    Question: anybody been through their training?

    Are they credible?

    As always, the promises sound way too good to be true. For example, they told me "one gentleman started with a $10,000 account and was up to $30,000 in a few months."


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    does he have a real estate course that i see on late night infomercials??

    sounds like a snake oil peddler to me... you can learn alot in the market losing that money... probably more than you can from taking notes at a seminar..
  3. yea i thought he was some real estate guru wannabee
  4. nkhoi


    you might have slept thru second haft of Russ commercial and wake up in time to catch teach me to trade commercial, hence Russ teach me to trade :D
    intersting concept, btw.
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  6. I paid $1800 for a " 3 day training seminar " with Russ Whitney back in 1993. It was a complete scham! It was a bunch of motivational crap, and more sales pitches for his $15,000 real estate investing software.

    Total scam.. stay away
  7. Master trader? Does he actually promote mastertrading?
  8. Read Threei's $35 book (Technique of Tape Reading) on what it takes to learn to trade and how long it takes to learn (3 years in Theeris case) and then decide if you are really getting that level of instruction at this info guru's 2 day seminar.

    If you are still in the mood to spend bucks go to a Mark Douglas (Trading in the Zone) seminar. Its held at a resort which should be fun and you can hear a presentation from someone who knows something.
  9. I have read John Reed's comments, and corresponded with him regarding Russ Whitney (and others). In my opinion, he (Mr. Whitney) is a scam artist. Steve46
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    This plumber's ads are geared to the unfortunate drones
    of the lower middle-class whose only reprieve in life is
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    Sad and Scary!
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