Rush Limbaugh, big fat ass freaking idiot...

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  1. Oxy Limbaugh is a war mongering chickenhawk. dont forget, the way he got out of serving his country was hemorrhoids. LOL LOL
  2. IMO....this is exactly how and why people like AAA and hapa think the way they do.

    Consumers of Rush and the rest of the right-wing whack job media eventually begin to believe that this stuff is rational thought. Yet I could say the same for the left-wing kooks too.

    People like Rush have over the years convinced their sycophants that the other side is not just wrong...but they are evil. It's not that the opposition's ideas can be debated and's that the opposition wants nothing short of "Death to America," and that in fact they hate America and all it stands for.

    People Rush while making 20 million per year are in the process of irreparably balkanizing this country for the sake of ratings....for the sake of money.

    It's a sad state of affaires indeed.

    Vote Libertarian.
  3. I thought it was an ANAL CYST.


    The guy is a draft-dodging-gas-bag puzzy who patronises and pokes fun at his audience at their expense without them even realizing it.

  4. kut2k2


    Would that be the same Libertarian Party that had a Completely Open Border policy until 9-11, then they quietly removed it from their website without actually disavowing the policy? :D :D

    I forget: who's the guy who pointed that a libertarian is just an anarchist too cowardly to admit it? :p
  5. I actually wouldn't know anything about the website of the Libertarian Party as I've never been there.

    However, if you're under the impression that we have anything other than an (effectively) open border now then you're deluding yourself. Bush would rather stick an icepick in his own eye than get serious about illegal immigration.

    Lemme guess: Would that be the same drug-addicted draft-dodging hypocrite neo-con war-loving chicken-hawk puzzy who pretends to be conservative but who's really a Fascist?


  6. Don't forget the meds Rush was taking for his limp dick....Viagra...

  7. i only know of one real republican and that is Ron Paul of texas. almost all of the others are whores.

  8. you say tomato, i say tomauto.
  9. Limbaugh is the little Goebbels.
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