Rush Goes Off On Pelosi, Reid, Fwank... Did you see?

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  1. TGregg


    Rush was forced to resign from his position because he said:

    That's it. Pure. Simple. Easy enough for even a liberal to understand.

    Under the old definition of racist, this is not a racist statement. Obviously. Under the new arrangement, comments made by people who anti-liberal that regard race are racist statements. Articles decrying that statement as racist are numerous and plentiful, including the one I linked to above.

    Disagree with a liberal? You are a racist.
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  2. The Definition of "Racist" varies. It can apply to anybody that is not a Democrat, or it can mean "somebody that wins an argument with a Liberal".. it varies from situation to situation... Black Americans are the most racially oriented in their thinking but Mexicans, wow, they hate Blacks.. but they are Democrats so they can't be racists...
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  3. TGregg


    Good point. 3 hours a day times 5 days a week times (say) 40 weeks a year times . . . what. . . 20 years or so?

    Twelve thousand hours.

    Live. Probably some rehearsed but not prerecorded.

    I'd dare anybody to talk for that long over 20 years and not have at least a few mistakes, a few things you didn't mean or were worded incorrectly.

    Think how many times you've misspoken just in the past year. Now put an army of political enemies with tape recorders around you every day at your job. Most of us would wilt like lilies. That's part of the reason there has not been a liberal version of Rush Limbaugh. If some liberal managed to obtain a large audience, he'd be a GIANT target for the right, just as Limbaugh is a GIANT target for the left. And there isn't a liberal with the stones to take it. Not one that also has the talent, anyway.
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  4. kut2k2


    Nobody claimed he did it everyday. That's just something else you pulled out of your filled diapers.
    And you might not be a fuckhead if you could provide PROOF that the quotes already posted in P&R and elsewhere were made up.

    Anybody can claim anything is made up. The thing that matters is evidence. If you have evidence that all of the racist quotes already attributed to Limbaugh are made up, let's see it.
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  5. LOL! Hey, dipshit, the MSM admitted the quotes were made up. So explain to us all why they needed to use MADE UP quotes with the plethora of quotes already available!

    You're admitting that you can't find ONE damn racist quote, even though this racist is on the radio every damn day offering up racist and divisive info for the liberal intellects to sample!? Post the audio, genius liberal! You want me to prove he isn't a racist based on NON quotes you CAN'T provide? What a pansy, self serving fluffer!

    I thought there where endless quotes out there of Rush demonstrating his racist ways? Go get them and post them. can't find em...

    Where are they, fuckhead? You don't have any! LOL!

    Busted. Too bad! You had a chance to prove yourself as a liberal intellect but it turned out to be a soft serve turd stuck in your mouth.
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  6. kut2k2


    LOL! Hey, shit4brains, then why can't you provide the evidence? I see a lot of talk and bluster, I'm not seeing the back-up. Your ilk is habitually fact-deficient and evidence-challenged. Huffing and puffing on "the internets" means less than a fart in a hurricane when YOU CAN'T BACK IT UP!

    Once again the biggest dumbass in the room ASSumes he's the smartest guy in the room. Must be some kind of right-wing birth defect. Too much inbreeding or something. :p
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  7. lol.

    OK. I'll play your liberal game.

    You're a racist!

    Now prove to us you're not.

    By the way, I can't find any supporting evidence but I know you are as does everyone else. I understand that if I could find some actual quotes the argument would be over but it's so much easier for me to make you prove you're not.

    You're a racist!!!!

    P.S You never answered this question: the MSM admitted the quotes were made up. So explain to us all why they needed to use MADE UP quotes with the plethora of quotes already available!
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  8. kut2k2


    Yeah you keep saying that without providing a shred of evidence that it is true. What you fail to grasp is that this evidence thing works both ways.
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  9. YOU do not trade for a living.

    Now it is up to YOU, to prove me incorrect, YOU racist!

    The burden of proof is on YOU.


    kupkake2k2's Saturday night HHHWACK IT material!!![​IMG]
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  10. kut2k2


    You are a sick incurable pervert and you have just proven it. I do not know nor do I want to know where to find such disgusting material. The fact that you not only seek it out but also post it is PROOF that you are a twisted and irredeemable sick fuck. It hardly matters whether your morals or your IQ are lower because they are both sub-primate.

    Satans Spawn >>>> ignore
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