Rush Goes Off On Pelosi, Reid, Fwank... Did you see?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Scataphagos, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. Calls them "liars and thieves"... says they deserve to go to jail!

    Pip, pip, hooray for Rush!!!
  2. any chance that you think rush should have gone to jail because of his drug dealings?
  3. Aren't you being judgmental?
  4. Ever think Obama should have gone to jail for his drug dealings?
  5. So you're saying he was saying what he says everyday? lol
  6. Hasn't the legal system already dealt with Rush on this? I didn't follow his situation closely, but wasn't it about his actions to secure excessive controlled substances for his own addiction?

    How does that compare to elected officials lying to the public and stealing $Trillions from current and future generations... and of course, not having to face the legal process for doing so??

    (I formerly thought of vhehn as an intelligent, analytical level-headed guy. But he's apparently gone "round the bend" with his brain-locked support of all things Obama... too bad.)
  7. Ricter


    So too has the legal system has already dealt with politicians lying and borrowing money from future generations. They are not technically crimes, though they may be immoral and unethical. They are also nothing new.
  8. i once thought gnome was a pretty good guy but since have come to realize he is at some levels a bigot and a racist.too bad.
    by the way i dont support all things obama. i think he is ending up with a mess for a health bill that is a gift for the insurance industry even though it will be a step in the right direction, i think he is wrong to expand the war. i think he made some bad choices in geitner and summers and is far too easy on wall street bailouts. i am highly disapointed that no new regulations have yet been put into place to curb leverage and risktaking on wall street.
    all that being said of the two choices we had,obama and mccain, obama is by far the best choice for an attempt at changeing things but he seems too timid to overcome republican roadblocks.
  9. Yea, your daily post hypnotic suggestion reinforcement.
  10. it was a simple question.
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